Maranti Collection

Maranti Collection

The Maranti Series collection is a spectacular new look in our beautiful portfolio. It’s unique and approachable, incredibly comfortable, and very stylish. It’s everything you’re looking for in an outdoor furniture collection: deep comfortable seats, minimal maintenance, incredible looks, and all-weather capability.

What Are The Advantages of Meranti Wood?

There are many benefits of buying furniture that is made of Meranti. They are as follows:
-It is quite resistant to twisting or warping: This is the best feature that meranti wood has. It will not twist or warp.
-Meranti is dimensionally stable; it means that the wood will preserve its dimensions when it is under humidity and temperature.

This collection includes the following pieces:
- MNT 610 Single Sofa
- MNT 660 Double Sofa
- MNT 670 Double Sofa + Ext Table
- MNT 210 Coffee Table
- MNT 250 Coffee Table

The collection is made of gorgeous acrylic ropes that offer a medium/large diameter rope texture and look, which results in a rustic, but still contemporary look. The frame is made of SS Frame and the cushions are covered in Ball Fibre Polyester Fabric. Cushions are included as shown.